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Рубрика: Педагогика

Опубликовано в Молодой учёный №9 (351) февраль 2021 г.

Дата публикации: 03.03.2021

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Рахмонова, М. И. Enhancing reading process through effective strategies among students / М. И. Рахмонова. — Текст : непосредственный // Молодой ученый. — 2021. — № 9 (351). — С. 208-209. — URL: https://moluch.ru/archive/351/78833/ (дата обращения: 03.02.2023).

This article highlights the most effective ways of clarifying the appropriate answer as much as quickly. It discusses how to encourage learners to develop reading skill through different strategies.

Keywords: heading, skimming, scanning, visual, guess, comprehension, techniques, horizon, strategy, skill.

В этой статье рассказывается о наиболее эффективных способах максимально быстрого уточнения подходящего ответа. В нем обсуждается, как вдохновить учеников развивать навыки чтения с помощью различных стратегий.

Ключевые слова : заголовок, скимминг, сканирование, визуальное, предположение, понимание, приемы, горизонт, стратегия, навык.

How can we comprehend the whole, long lined text in a very short time? Even if you crash into a lot of unknown words? Would reading strategies help the students reading comprehension studies? Reading is one of the most urgent skills in language learning. Without this comprehension the student would miss out on the chance to gain information from a wide range of several types of material like magazines, books, newspaper articles and some scientific literatures. The role of reading skills ability is the most necessary aspect in acquisition of a language. As developing modern technologies this comprehension somehow has been neglected. A number of learners’ approach reading texts expecting to read them thoroughly and to stop only when they have understood every word. Clearly, there is value in this as a way of improving their vocabulary and their understanding of grammar, but, through listening, this kind of approach does not necessarily make them into better readers, because this plodding, word by word approach is not the way that we most often do our reading in our life. In order to make learners good readers the instructor first of all will have to raise their awareness that’s no always vital to comprehend every word, and that practicing some different reading techniques in English may be very useful to them. And if their basic strategy is to read slowly and ponderously, then a good first strategy could be to help them to learn to read fast within this not worrying about understanding every word not perhaps even understanding most words, but still achieving a specific and worthwhile aim.

However, it is the basic part of getting data in teaching curriculum. For more students acquiring reading seems tedious training at first sight. Because reading long linear unknown text with a lot of new vocabulary that the readers haven’t ever seen is really mundane this according to pupils’ thoughts it takes much time. Therefore we may say it is one of the most critical and vital skills. To solve reading test includes academic or non-academic topics as well as, it can be either in scientific or medical, psychologic sphere. Reader needs a rather extensive vocabulary for comprehending the topic clearly and properly. So everything depends on how to react to the object. The main problem is concentrating on the topic; for clarifying an exact answer the reader should support the writer’s thoughts and observations, within this the understanding of the structure of the text is essential if a more active approach to reading is used.

As I mentioned above, we must identify the types of reading material;

– Reading for entertainment like novels, stories and so on;

– Reading for searching the key to the question.

For making the task easier the specialists of a language have found various techniques of reading. All of us use a lot of reading styles in our daily life, effectively using method can be to read in detail paying attention to every written word from the beginning to the end, of course when we want to feel the atmosphere of the work because most of us tend to read novels, magazines, stories just for entertainment, or for broadening our outlook. But as a student for improving reading skills it requires to;

– Have exact reading stimul;

– Use the correct reading style;

– Use note taking techniques.

Having clear reading aims may dramatically increase reading activity, it classifies and puts several issues in order to importance, so that the reader is able to deal with the most vital ones first. Every time the reader should try to use reading goals to identify the information that’s relevant to the current task.

Nowadays several types of reading techniques are commonly used by the student who wants to take a language exam. One of the most vital method is skimming or we may call it as gist reading. This method helps to understand what the text is about at its most basic level and if the reader’s speed is good it takes less time than other reading strategies. It looks like a searching for necessary data or name in a telephone guidebook. The pupils can reach a speed count of even 500 words in a minute if they try to practice more and more on this method mostly doing puzzles, crosswords can be effortable. For getting the answer successfully in a short time, we need to clarify the objective of the text i.e what I must get from it, what’s the main content of this text, and the most essential how can I prove that this is the main idea of the material, and we must be aware of reading intensively when we’re skimming.

Another widely used strategy is scanning. The term skimming is often confused with scanning. All of us have done both of these things so many times before but we just did not know this is what we were doing. Scanning will provide similar challenges but is not quite as complex in difficulty. It still requires that readers be able to visually comprehending words quickly, but instead of understanding the entire main idea, they are now only looking for a key piece of information. In both skimming and scanning, readers are asked to process visual information quickly and also quickly find out the essential meaning of the given authentic reading materials.

Prediction is a major factor in teaching reading however, learners can make a logical assumption in order to clarify the appropriate key of the given task. As we read texts in our target language the content, events comes to our mind at once before we actually read. The title or book covers give us a hint of what’s in context, book, photographs and headlines hint at what articles are about before we read a single word. The moment we get this hint –the book cover, the headline, the word-processed page-our brain commences predicting what we are going to read. Expectations are set up and the active process of reading is ready to begin. Instructors should give learners hints so that they can predict what’s coming too. It will make them better and more engaged readers.

The expected results basically dependent on instructors’ experience¸ due to the reading acquisition teacher can attract the learners mostly through selected materials.

Teachers often feel a need for more and different types of practice material than is provided in the curriculum. In many cases reading skill can be improved especially through task-based learning. Thus it is crucial to do pre, while, and post reading tasks. After doing these activities learners get the data about the text properly, by detail even if they can remember the unknown new words related to the context.

Furthermore, improving and working with reading task broaden the students’ horizon as well as they will learn new words. Using reading strategies can be productive for the people who takes an exam, they find out the answer in a short time, the results of the study indicate that the students had an improvement to a great extend have been tutored about the reading strategies. Some students find that some knowledge of the subject can encourage them to “guess” the answers rather than use the passage to get the correct answers but most of these “guesses” can be wrong because the student couldn’t analyze the text with productive ways of reading.


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scanning, skimming, strategy, comprehension, techniques, visual, skill, heading, guess, horizon
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