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Рубрика: История

Опубликовано в Молодой учёный №17 (121) сентябрь-1 2016 г.

Дата публикации: 05.09.2016

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Бекчанова, Н. А. Place and role of youth Civic movement “Kamolot” in realization of demands and interests of youth / Н. А. Бекчанова. — Текст : непосредственный // Молодой ученый. — 2016. — № 17 (121). — С. 245-248. — URL: (дата обращения: 13.08.2022).

In this article the main directions of state policy relating to the monuments in the republic of Uzbekistan, the available chances being created for them and the activities of the real defender and promoter “Kamolot” are clarified.

Key words: “Kamolot”CMY, festival, forum, conference, competition, constitutional state, ecologic culture,“Green light”, Oliy Majlis

Upbringing of thoroughly developed generation in independent years becomes national obligation. Meaning of state policy directed to upbringing young generation in our country found its expression in meaning full words of our President Islom Karimov “Our children must be more intelligent, stronger and certainly happier then we”. As reaching of our great aims that we set before us, future of our country depends on our youth for the first.

The Civic movement of youth “Kamolot” takes an active part in executing state policy concerning youth in our country. This organization, which connected in its row more than five million youths from 14 to 30, takes deserving place in life of each of girl and boy owing to activity, leading idea and striving in here in youths.

“Kamolot” executes systematic works on connecting youths of our country for prosperity of our motherland, upbringing spiritually developed, independent thinking, possessing definite life position generation in patriotic spirit, develop political and legal culture, protect rights and interests of young generation, prevent breach of law and crime, socially support them.

On reaching these pure aims, great meaning has elementary organizations of movement. At the present days more than 15.6 thousand elementary organizations of Civic movement of youth “Kamolot” execute their activity at all educational institutions, military divisions, law machinery, companies and organizations.

The main purpose of movement is — to join youth of our country on the way of great aim like creating free and prosperous motherland, comprehensively help upbringing physically healthy, spiritually perfect,conscious ideology and independent thinking youth of Independent Uzbekistan which had deeply learnt democratic principles based on national and universal traditions, foundations of market economy based on our national idea, providing active participation of young generation in long term, wide social economic, spiritual educational processes serving to honor human rights and values, rise respect and authority of our nation, fame of our country.

Movement “Kamolot” had been completely formed at the present day, and most of youth, and our society accepted it as big social movement of youth. Next task is must to be considered to take development of Civic movement of youth “Kamolot” to the new stage. Taking activity of elementary organizations of movement, departments of district and city to the required stage, creating system of material and spiritual supporting of youths’ strivings should be noted as main task in this stage.

Main tasks in perspective of the movement in sphere of providing active participation of youth in process of rising social activity, building democratic constitutional state and forming civil society are followings:

  1. Deeply explain to youth meaning and importance of making social economic, social politic reforms in Uzbekistan, providing wide participation of young generation in processes of democratization and renewal, forming civil society.

For realizing these marked tasks first of all, it is necessary to work out and execute measures directed to rising political and legal culture, law competence and legal thinking, civil liability of youth. Developing legal culture and legal thinking of youth, upbringing citezens obeying to law, strengthening sense of respect Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan and laws, recognition of own civil rights and obligations by youths — are not only final aim, but also necessary codition, method of construction democratic constitutional state and civil society possessed developed market economy.

2. Deepening democratic reforms in out country and executing obligations marked in Conception of deveoping civil society, showing initiative on prepearing law projects and other legal documents related with executing state policy concerned with youth and participating in their discussion, working out definite offers on improving practice of legal base and legal using in this sphere and take an active part in its presentation.

Planned to strengthening activity of propagandizing groups consited of active members of Civic movement of youth “Kamolot” for acquaint with laws of legal documents determining rights and obligations of children and youth in detail. Also during acivity of moement it is payed much attention to prepearing imagined propagandizing means, video and audio products, printed matters, organization educational events intended for children and teenagers.

3. Developing leaders ability in youth, prepearing them for active participation in building government and society;

For solving these problems it is intended activly attract youth to activity of elementary organizations and regional departments of movement. It is planned to meet acive members of Civic movement of youth “Kamolot” with directors of state and public organizations, famous scientists, creative persons and intelectuals, leading businessmen, and directors of agricultural and industrial companies. Also helping graduaters of institution of higher education on groving in their professional activty and supporting them are marked as important problem.

4. Comprehensively strengthening social partnership of movement and other youth organizations with state government and administration bodies of center and places.

At that, main attention is paid to realizing state policy concerning youth and social economic development programs, take an active part in process of solving social problems and protecting rights, liberty and interests of youth, also, introduce into life principle “from strong government to strong civil society”.[2, 16–24 p]

National political relations of Uzbekistan during independence created wide opportunities for attracting youth to political social processes, providing their active participation in reforms, rising place of youth as political members. That period was characterised with following features:

‒ existence of general rules of political attitude to youth for world development by ХХI century, at the present time made youth not just simple person but changed them into force which take an active part in providing development of society;

‒ level of youth’ knowledge, professional qualification, features like moral and spiritual perfection and positive features affects on development degree of whole society. Such principles means that youth become active subjects of policy as separate social demografic group. Fundamental changes in young generation were valuated by President Islom Karimov in the following way: “Problems of working with youth require separate attention. Today rising place and authority of youth in life of society became very important matter.” [5, 23 p]. Therefore necessities in learning problems of groving generation and finding solution on this base increase at the present time.

For valuating realized works of social movement of youth “Kamolot” on expressing and protecting life interests and necessities of youth, we must pay attention to results of taken sociological questioning on theme “Public opinion about Civic movement of youth “Kamolot” conducted by Center of investigating of public opinion “Social opinion”. This sociological questioning was conducted in July 2006 in Kashkadarya, Navoi, Samarkand, Sirdarya, Fergana, Kharezm regions and in Tashkent city.

For the question “Do you know about activity of movement of youth “Kamolot”?” absolutemajority of respondents (94.9 %) answered that they knew about activity of movement of youth “Kamolot”. Including questioning showed that 64.4 % of youth knew Civic movement of youth “Kamolot” very well, and 30.5 % of youth new social movement of youth “Kamolot” not so close. 5.1 % of youth stated that they don’t know about activity of Civic movement of youth “Kamolot”.

Answers of respondents (in percentage) to the question “Do you know about activity of movement of youth ‘’Kamolot”?”

Activity of movement “Kamolot” for the past 5 years was marked to “excellent” by 26.8 % of experts and 23.8 % of students and pupils, and to “good” by 49.8 % of experts and 47.6 % of students and pupils.

Activity of movement “Kamolot” for the past 5 years was marked to “unsatisfactory” by 1.5 % of students and pupils and 0.6 % of experts. [1,45p]

According to above stated analysis and results of taken questioning by center of “Social opinion”, followings may be stated concerning practice of protecting activity, interests and necessity of youth of Civic movement of youth “Kamolot” which became real trust and support of Uzbek youth:

‒ first, most of youth of our country know about activity of Civic movement of youth “Kamolot;”

‒ second, activity ofCivic movement of youth “Kamolot” for the past years was positively marked by most of youth;

‒ third, on protecting interests of youth “Kamolot” became a real power;

‒ fourth, it is necesaary to extend and populate progressive experience by means of newspapers “Turkiston” and “Molodej Uzbekistana” which are under supervision of movement;

‒ fifth, movement must interest in its activity more youth and pay attention to problems which are difficult to solve them, especially, strengthen activity on providing youth with jobs, strengthening sporty and health-improving works among youth, prevent youth against falling under the influence of different other movements.

Several meetings and discussions on theme “Guard your home yourself”, “It is necessary to fight for peace and order” directed to increase political activity and watchfulness of youth, explain them threat of terrorism and extremism to piece and safety of our country are hold in places and makhallas. It is organized several organizations and actions under slogans “Youth want peace”, “Youth are against narcomania, crime and terrorism”. In united actions with thousands of persons, active public helps youth to understand harmful consequences of narcomania, bad aims of terrorism by showing their negative attitude to narcomania, crime and terrorism.

If we analyse CMY “Kamolot” in sphere of increasing social activity youth of and providing active participation in process of building democratic constitutional state and forming civil society, just in Kharezm region, during 2013 in total sum 645 events, discussions, competitions about different themes were held by of Kharezm region, city, and district Councils of Civic movement of youth “Kamolot” and 101181 youth were attracted to these events.

The movement involved more than 22 thousand of youth in meetings held in educational institution with partner organizations on theme of “Youth — are against religious extremism, fundamentalism, terrorism and human traffic”, “Youth on the way to vigilance” and competitions “Green light” among children from secondary schools and infant schools directed to prevent negative consequences of religious extremism, terrorism and human traffic among youth, protect them from spiritual and ideological aggressions.

As a result of above considered matters, we can say that youth policy in our country is raised to one stage with state policy.

Elementary organization can create opportunities for expressing youth opinion, wishes and desires with directly participation in discussion of matters relative to life of youth by entering leaders and agents of youth into membership of different public committees and corporate bodies of educational institutions, organizations, companies, institutions. For realizing these works, attention of definite director to Civic movement of youth “Kamolot” has important place.


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Основные термины (генерируются автоматически): CMY.

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“Kamolot” CMY, фестиваль, Форум, конференция, соревнование, Конституционное государство, Экологическая культура, "Зеленый свет", Oliy Majlis, festival, forum, conference, competition, constitutional state, ecologic culture, “Green light”

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